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Green CBD Plumbing

Sydney CBD Plumbing has developed an up-to-date product service line to meet your buildings sustainability requirements. Each “green upgrade” has a dedicated manager assuring your requirements are met. Our plumbers are specialised in Sydney CBD commercial work, giving you peace of mind.  

We can support the process from the initial concept stage, through to the final inspection producing real long term water savings & reducing building running costs.
How much water can an average city building save? Example outlined below. 
  • Water usage audits.
  • Recommendations and design.
  • Water saving fixtures; taps, shower heads, efficient appliances & pc items.
  • Dual flush toilet installations.
  • Waterless Urinal installations.
  • Grey Water installations.
  • Rainwater Tank installations.
  • Pretreatment of storm water, before it enters our waterways.
  • Where applicable assistance with government grants and rebate programs.
  • All work performed according to safe OH&S standards.
  • Master Plumbers Association membership.  
  • Free Quotes

Typical scenario: Waterless Urinal installation

City office building with 15 floors and an average of 70 males per floor.

If each visits the toilet 3 times a day during a 5 day working week, estimating an average flush of 3 litres each visit and the building will consume 47,250 litres of water per week.
This equates to an average consumption of 2,362,500 litres per year based on a 50 week year, which is the equivalent volume of water to 2.36 Olympic sized swimming pools wasted!
Outcome: Sydney CBD Plumbing installs new waterless urinals 
  • No water plumbing
  • No urinal cakes
  • Saving water costs & the environment
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